Loudoun Travel Medicine Clinic - Travel Vaccine and Travel Immunizations in Loudoun convenient to Ashburn, Leesburg, Lansdowne, Broadlands, Potomac Station and Potomac Falls. Choose a family physician that is board certified in Internal Medicine and board certified in Pediatrics located conveniently to most locations in Loudoun County, Virginia.
*Jet Lag- It is a good idea to have a strategy for jet lag. Most people take a week to adjust to a new time zone. If the vacation or business trip is only 3-4 days, a lot valuable time can be wasted. For an employer this could lead to a tremendous amount of paid, lost productivity.
*Light Therapy - Light is the most effective way of preparing for jet lag. Numerous studies show that your brain's response to light is one of the primary factors in resetting your sleep cycle. The lights need to be bright during the time you should be awake, and need to be off during the time you should be asleep.
*Adjusting before you leave- It is very important to adjust your cycle by at least a few hours, a few days prior to your departure. Use the light therapy as discussed to help you achieve this goal. This is very important when you are traveling to a destination that is more than 4 time zones away.
*Melatonin - Melatonin is a natural hormone that can be taken to aid sleeping. It is availabe in numerous strengths over the counter. A dose of 5mg will work for most people. It is a sedative and should not be mixed with other sedatives. Please seek the advice of your doctor to check for other interactions it may have with your other prescription or non prescription medications. For most people it is a safe way of helping you to sleep. It can be used before you leave for a long vacation to help you adjust to the new time zone, or once you reach your destination.
*Prescription Medications - Your physician can also prescribe medications like Provigil to help you to stay awake once you reach your destination. It is a prescription medication used for people with sleeping disorders and for shift workers. It is a medication best described as giving the person an absence from sleepiness. It can be an effective options for frequent flyers taking long trips.
*Homeopathic suggestions: Cocculus Indicus is a homeopathic remedy that is a natural way of helping the body rest when it is time to sleep. It is another option to help fall asleep in another time zone.
Loudoun Travel Clinic / travel vaccine is located in Lansdowne convenient to Ashburn, Leesburg and most of Loudoun. 703-729-9220. Full service travel clinic, certified Yellow Fever vaccination center.
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