*Malaria Prophylaxis- Depending on the destination, prophylaxis against malaria is often recommended. Depending on your distination, a antimalarial medication will be prescribed. It if very important that the medication is begun at least one week prior to your departure. Additionally, it is necessary to continue the medication for a few weeks after your trip is over. A DEET containing mosquito repellant is essential. DEET stays on clothing even after it is washed. Therefore spraying DEET on your clothes, a hat and if needed mosquito netting isan important part of the strategy to repel an infection.
*Diarrhea- Prevention is the key. Avoid fresh fruits and vegetables as there is a risk that it is washed in local water. Drink bottled water from reputable sources. Even if it is bottled, it is no guarantee that the water is clean. Do not over look the water with which you brush your teeth. Either use safe bottled water or use an electric kettle ( with appropriate converter) to provide a constant source of clean water. Constipation is a common consequence of this advice, so a bottle of milk of magnesia or fiber tablets is suggested.
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