General Advice

Loudoun Travel Medicine Clinic - Travel Vaccine and Travel Immunizations in Loudoun convenient to Ashburn, Leesburg, Lansdowne, Broadlands, Potomac Station and Potomac Falls. Choose a family physician that is board certified in Internal Medicine and board certified in Pediatrics located conveniently to most locations in Loudoun County, Virginia.

*CDC site - It is a good idea to check the full CDC site. Some of the highlights are presented here for your consideration.

*CDC preventing illness before you travel - Click here

*CDC travel site - Click here

*Polio outbreak in central Asia - Click here

*Cholera outbreak in Haiti - Click here

*Rift Valley Fever is South Africa - Click here

*Air Travel - Be prepared. Delays are common, and likely to get worse not better. So be prepared. Take snacks, and portable entertainment. This is a great time to read a story to your children. It will pass the time both for you and for your kids. For those with older children, this is a great time to talk, really talk. It allows for the conversations that get lost while we are all rushing around. Although some folks want to sedate their children with antihistamines for longer flights, be aware that some children actually do worse with medication, as they get hyper alert, or have an interrupted sleeping cycle. So please use caution.